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Devilman Crybaby Art Print

Devilman Crybaby Art Print

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Inspired by the painting of Michael defeating satan. This piece takes a different spin on the outcome. This is the moment where Akira gains the upper hand, but only for a brief period before Ryo’s ultimate victory. In Akira’s left hand, he is holding the track baton for Ryo to take. The city is on fire in the background and his loved ones are dead. After watching Devilman Crybaby, I felt like Akira could have defeated Ryo, but the pain of going back to a life that no longer existed may have caused him to give up. The sword is meant to show a moment of weakness, and doubt. 

This art was drawn using procreate  and took 50 hours to make. You can watch the drawing process video on our TikTok.

This art was drawn by one of our artists who uses the pen name Jessica Marie Withers.


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