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MC Reversible Plush

MC Reversible Plush

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Did Lucifer yell at you for teaming up with Mammon on a get rich quick scheme?

Was Mammon stringed up to the ceiling and missed your date?

Did Levi stay up all night singing anime OP’s and didn’t let you sleep? 

Or maybe Satan unleashed his temper on Lucifer again and accidentally destroyed your room.

Was Asmo supposed to help with your skin care routine but stared at himself the entire time?

Did Beel give you a super spicy devil newt BLT sandwich? 
And Belphie fell asleep on his way to bring you a glass of water? 

They can be a handful, but guess what, now you can show them how you really feel with the MC reversible plush! 

6” soft material with reversible cute face and crying face. 

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